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Pam from ‘Martin’ Taught Me That Black Women Can Own Their Anger

As a kid—I couldn’t have been more than nine—I remember watching one particular scene from the classic ‘90s sitcom, Martin.


The Best '90s Show Ever, Hands Down

I’m actually sporting a Hillman College sweatshirt as I write this. And just inches away from my laptop are my retro flip-up glasses—a carbon copy of the ones that Dwayne Wayne wore in the first few seasons of A Different World


Why Is Nobody Talking About How Max from ‘Hocus Pocus’ Is a Terrible Person? 

If you asked me about Hocus Pocus a week ago, I would've sung its praises without question.


I Finally Watched 1987's ‘Fatal Attraction’ and...Am I the Only One Who Thinks Alex Isn't Really the Villain?

Fatal Attraction was all the rage when it hit theaters in 1987. Millions of fans flocked to see the romantic thriller, which eventually garnered six Oscar nominations.


Justin Baldoni’s Man Enough Is a Must-Watch For Every Guy In Your Life

In his web series, Man Enough, Justin has created a safe space for men to take off the mask of masculinity and simply be vulnerable.


Dear MAJ: Your Remix To “Brown Skin Girl” Is Not As Empowering As You Think

I know you’re disappointed about the backlash you received, but I want to help you understand why all those angry responses were justified. 

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