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Here’s How to Grow 4C Hair, According to Natural Hair Experts

On the mission to grow out your natural 4C hair, you’ve been following the biggest YouTube vloggers, trying out new protective styles and investing in the most popular hair care products.


What Is Misogynoir (and How Is It Different from Misogyny)? 

On August 24, 2016, thousands of fans on Twitter were intrigued by Katy Perry’s use of a buzzy new word: “Misogynoir.” 


How to Make DIY Flaxseed Gel for Curly Hair, According to the Experts

I remember the first time I tried to make flaxseed gel. My natural hair was so parched and I’d finally come to the conclusion that store-bought hair milks and creams just weren’t going to cut it. 


9 Quick and Easy Tips That Will Help You Remember Anything

You’re probably slouching right now as you read this — but you might want to sit up a little straighter, because according to research, staying hunched over can actually worsen your memory.


5 Signs Your Child’s Social Media Habit Has Turned Toxic (& What You Can Do About It, According to Experts)

Social media can be the most wonderful (and stressful) place.  It’s where millions of people go to find community and feel connected, and yet, studies have shown that...


Little Ways You Can Feel Happier Every Day (According to Science)

There are quite a few sneaky ways to bring even more joy into your life.

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