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A Prayer for The Lonely

Dear Jesus,

I've grown used to hearing that singleness is a blessing. I've heard that it's the perfect time to grow in my spiritual walk with You, to solidify my goals and to work on my own character. In this season of singleness, I have the privilege and the freedom to take risks and have countless adventures without worrying about another person. And all of these things sound great. They are valid and they are true. But Lord, this doesn't dismiss the fact that being single can get very discouraging and lonely.

It's not that I want a person to complete me. I understand that I am whole, that I am complete in You. But still, the desire for a Godly and Kingdom-minded partner is still there. I want to meet someone who shares that deep desire to please and honor You in every aspect of their lives. I long for that kind of relationship where we sharpen one another and break generational curses together. The kind that stands out because we reflect the light of Christ.

But Lord, as much as I want to meet someone, I don't ever want this to surpass my desire for You. I don't want to be so consumed by my (temporary) moments of loneliness that I focus solely on having a relationship, because I understand that having one will not solve all of my problems. In fact, if I've learned anything at all about dating, it's that it takes a lot of work. It's a commitment that requires a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice.

So Lord, I pray that You'll help me to embrace this season of singleness. To understand that perhaps I'm not ready to embark on a new relationship right away. Help me to maintain an attitude of gratitude for the blessings that I already have. And help me to always remember that You are more than enough, that I don't necessarily need a relationship to make me happy. I admit, it's so easy to forget this sometimes, especially when I'm surrounded by couples. But I pray that You'll comfort me in those moments of loneliness and encourage me with the truth of Your word.

I still feel alone sometimes, but Your word reminds me that there is nowhere that I can flee from Your presence. I know that You are with me, even though it doesn't always feel that way. So dear Jesus, help me to not be driven by my emotions. Rather, teach me to see all this from Your perspective. You know the desires of my heart and You know what's best for me, so help me to trust You more in this area of my life. And most of all, help me to keep my focus on You, above all else.



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